Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Future Talks

“Use the Force,” Yale University, October 14.

with Ben Rivers (filmmaker), The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, October 23.

Sound Art symposium, Seoul, October 28-30.

Munich, November 3.

“Use the Force,” Yale University, November 13-14.

“Avant What?” Walker Art Museum, Minneapolis, November 21.


D.E.M. said...

You're going to want to fit Winnipeg in there some day... One of my students, btw, found your PhD advice on this site most helpful. She thanks you. Now we are both pondering the potato's relationship to Bloom in Ulysses, and not just the other way around.... D

Lucy Weir said...

And Ireland. You'd appreciate the irony of Ireland's forty shades of Green. You also helped another student here to shape her PhD. Many thanks. It would be great to hear you speak. Let me know if I can set up a talk for you here.

caitlinfinley said...

And NYC too, please.

Sarah Iremonger said...

Well I have just found you and you could say that was through my own neglect, glad to find you now. I have been working on an obscure idea of 'Landscape Unions' for some time now and like your thoughts xx