Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Deckard's apartment on heavy rotation for 12 hours. Because a Blade Runner a day keeps the doctor away.

Prenatal Human vs. Mother's Body

This makes it quite clear (thanks Cliff!).

In other words, wombs are not teleological and neither are zygotes and neonates in those wombs.

Death to teleology!

My uncle did all this incredible research on the placenta. It turns out there's a retrovirus called ERV-3 that sits in your DNA. It probably codes for immunosuppressive properties of the placental barrier.

In other words you are reading this sentence because a virus in your mom's genes caused her not to abort you spontaneously.

There's a full discussion of it in The Ecological Thought. This is the kind of thing that gets into my work a lot.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Xmal Deutschland

Loved them when I first heard them. Which was here, on this sadly dead chap's show (below; sorry for the ad). Anja's vocals with the diminished fourths and so on. Many harmonics, making for a dark, fleshy sound, the bristling.

It's Not Warming, It's Dying

Thank you to Milton I ❤️ NY Glaser. Cliff, once again I thank you too.

Terrible Pests

Here's some sentences I like from this Natal piece:

Judy Natal and I, and everyone who think this way are terrible pests. We bring a plague called ecological awareness.
That's not because we are out to destroy. We are just having a bad allergic reaction to the present. Which has been going on for 10 000 years.

Is This My Favorite Sentence?

Progress means: humanity emerges from its spellbound state no longer under the spell of progress as well, itself nature, by becoming aware of its own indigenousness to nature and by halting the mastery over nature through which nature continues its mastery.   Theodor Adorno

I think I've been (not) figuring it out since I first read it in the early nineties.

I'm reminded of it this morning as it closes my piece on photographer Judy Natal for a major exhibition of her work.

If you don't know Judy's stuff then you should google images it now.



The Dark Side of the Thing

Greg Garrard asked me to write an essay on deconstruction and ecology for the new Oxford Handbook of Ecocriticism. So I did, filtering it through OOO (I can't help it!). People have found it before I did! You can find goodly chunks of it on the dreaded amazon.

I'll reiterate here what I announced at the start of the Wellek Lectures:

Until the major anthologies start including ecological criticism, I shan't be using them in my classes.

Ecological Toys with Bristles

Thingworld! Because of looking after my lovely small humanoids I couldn't make it to Beijing for the opening of this, but I finally got the book, wow. Zhang Ga, you did an amazing job.

The book has a nice essay (I think) by me in it called “Ecological Toys with Bristles.”

And two essays by Graham: a new one on the thing in itself and a reprint of his 1999 talk that first used the phrase object-oriented philosophy. Nice one.

OOO is going everywhere in art right now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What's Up, Ukraine?

For the umpteenth day in a row, you are the second highest clicker on my blog.

Bother and Blast It

One of the great things about doing talks people like is that other people ask you to do more talks! And there's nothing better than a discussion rather than a talk. And within that, nothing better than a discussion with creators.

So very sadly I can't do the conversation with these artists to whose show I had been invited. It's because I'm doing mega things in Glasgow and at the Wordsworth Museum around that time.

Agnieszka Kurant (looks vvg).

Charles Long (hi Charles!).

It's 1989 Anthem Time

All right. After all that, it's about time we had a little bit of Lisa Stansfield. The original anthem, I feel. At least that's how it seemed at Shoom and Land of Oz, last time I checked--which was in 1989...

Where's my Land of Oz ID card? Somewhere still on me I think...or in me...This was where I first heard what then became the Orb as they were spinning Sueno Latino and ambient sounds in the VIP lounge. And Aphex Twin. Spinning bits of sandpaper, in the little booth downstairs from that. Not the main room though. This was there. Some kind of laser tunnel was involved.

One now has the unfortunately too late impulse to take Robin Williams to Land of Oz. Shoot, should've thought of that at the time.

Agrilogistical Fatalism

One rationalization [of the depression epidemic] is fatalism: I need not act because there's nothing I can do. False.”

The caste system, if you think about it, is agrilogistical fatalism. You know your place in the highly stratified social body. 

And cynical-reason pop Foucault, a la Jared Curtis: “Our place in society has been allotted to us before we were born.”

How different is this cool cynicism from Hindu fundamentalism?